Stupid Internet Vultures

I have recently discovered that, apparently, I’m extremely poplar on the internet. No, really. In the past three months, over 200 people have signed up on my blog. Must mean I have lots of friends, right? Wrong. I have been experiencing a phenomena not unexpected but definitely annoying. Basically big internet websites get little brownie points with the google search engine based on how many other websites they’re a part of, or something like that, so they go around and subscribe to all these random websites for no reason at all just to spread around their dern IP address. At least I think that’s how it works, Dad can correct me if he wants. To make a long story short, I just deleted 242 users from my website, and if I accidentally deleted one of you, my faithful and dedicated readers, I humbly beg your apology. The way I recognize the vultures is that they have really random, nonsense names. So that means that if you want to make things easier on me, I would really really appreciate it if you would make your user-name your full name (First name Last name) with a space in-between. That way I’ll recognize you and you’ll never have to worry about being accidentally deleted. Thanks so much!

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