Hi! *contrite look* I’m still alive, actually

I don’t know why I feel bad about not posting for a while, live is crazy and we all know that, so I should really stop worrying about it. But of course I feel bad because I know you guys like reading my posts and I want to make you happy 🙂 Anyway, I guess I’ll post when I make time and the Lord will help you to endure when I don’t ;)>

I had a great spring break at home. I vegged a lot, watched a lot of movies/read a lot of books, and played with my nephew. My nephew is cute, and surprisingly low maintenance and quiet compared to my expectations (of course, I’m not around him that much, his mother might have more to say on the subject). He also likes to throw up on you at your least suspecting moment. He is only 3 months old, but is already quite big, is grinning and smiling all the time, and is trying to master the art of crawling, though he hasn’t quite figured out yet that he has to push his legs/arms against the ground, not wave them around in the air, in order to move. He’ll figure it out eventually.

While I was home, I also tested for red-black belt at my Tae-Kwon-Do school. I enjoyed doing that and going to a demonstration we put on at the local high-school. I have plenty of friends at my TKD school, and the martial art is fun, a good outlet for my violent side (I’m rather fond of attacking people ;)> and of course good self defense techniques in case someone jumps me (believe me, I’d make sure they sorely regretted it).

Also while I was home, I packed up most of my earthly belongings in boxes in preparation for my family moving form the house we’ve lived in for 23 years, to my grandparents basement. This is because we are, hopefully, selling the house (which is big, old, and needs someone who can afford to take care of it properly), and, eventually, building our own on a piece of land across the road from my grandparent’s house. I spent a lot of time helping my mom and sister un-clutter my grandparents house to make room for us and all our stuff. They are still plugging away even now, and I think they hope to make the move around the end of May/early June. Your prayer for the whole process is much appreciated.

Back at college, I am not beginning my third week of school this spring quarter. The first two weeks were pretty hectic and busy, mostly because of Bulldog prep. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to tell you all about it now, I have got to go do some Arabic homework. Hopefully I’ll find time to do “Episode II” next Sunday and you’ll get to hear all about the awesomeness of Bulldog prep (Oorah!!).

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