Last week of school

Final week is here. That means crunch time with papers and finals. Surprisingly, I don’t have any presentations I’m doing. I’ve already done one, but this quarter it is mostly papers and finals. I am very excited for this quarter to be over, because next quarter I start Bulldog training, that is, a preparatory training program for going to OCS this summer. For you non-military types, everybody in a program that is training them to become an officer in the USMC (there are several programs besides ROTC), must go to and pass OCS, Officer Candidate Training. It is a period of evaluation and winnowing of the ranks, to see who’s serious and can really do this stuff and who’s jacking off and needs to be thrown out. That will be July-August for me. The bulldog prep that we do here at OSU puts us through a lot of the stuff we’ll have to do at OCS. Its every morning (of the school week) from 0600-0800. Its going to be challenging, mostly because I’ll be very tired and worn out, and I’ll have to do all my classwork in addition to this stuff.

So, I’m excited about starting that. I’m also excited about my spring break because A: I will be testing for my red-black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, something I’ve been working toward for a long time. I’ve been taking Tae-Kwon-Do for four years now and normally I would have tested for it a while ago but I missed several testing cycles because of time conflicts when I was home on break. B: I will get to see (hopefully) my older sister and nephew, who are planning to visit if they can work it out. And then of course, the just all around wonderfulness of being home and getting to see my family.

It will, however, be strange for me and somewhat challenging this spring break because my family is preparing to move out of the house we have lived in for 22 years. Not an easy task, physically or emotionally. I suspect they’re going to make me pack up my whole room when I’m home (grrrr). I’ll live though. Anyway, please pray that all the moving goes smoothly and I can enjoy being home despite it. Also pray for my finals, and that I would be able to prepare myself, physically and mentally, to do well in Bulldog prep.

Thanks, and God bless you all.

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