Valentine’s day

So, one of my room-mates declares that Valentine’s Day is silly; just a big excuse to sell and buy a bunch of stuff. At the same time, she very happily received Valentine’s Day cards and goodies from her family and a few…admirers. I even gave her a little something, which she very much liked. Still she maintains that Valentine’s Day is silly. We all tease her that she feels that way because she doesn’t have a guy.

Of course, none of us “have a guy,” though all my room-mates have admirers, some more welcome than others. One of my room-mates is infatuated with the one guy who isn’t one of her admirers, one of my room-mates has quite a few admirers but doesn’t seem to like any of them, and one of my room-mates has a…slightly more serious admirer but doesn’t know how she feels about him. And here I am, sitting in the middle of, and occasionally partaking in the discussions. Sometimes they are loud, boisterous, and joking, sometimes they are serious, full of moaning and “what am I going to do!”‘s (from one room-mate in particular ;)> ). So what am_I_supposed to do? As a godly, mature, young lady, who has the same desires and feelings in her heart but has chosen a different path and a different time-table, what am I to do in a room-full of eager young females? How do I offer godly, loving support and advice, and still cope with keeping to the high and lonely (but in the end, blessed) path?

This is part of what’s going on in my life right now. I didn’t really log onto my blog with the intention of writing about this, but that’s what came out when my fingers started typing. Part of the answer to my problems is getting support from other godly women, which, Praise the Lord, I do have. Part of the answer is prayer and studying God’s word, which I also have and have been learning and growing in the Lord a lot these past few months. Part of it is supporting praying from you, my friends and family. Its not easy when all the worldly distractions are surrounding me day in and day out, when I wake up and when I…try (my room-mates have a RATHER different sleeping schedule than me) to go to sleep. Its hard when our room is daily invaded with parades of guy friends and acquaintance of my various room-mates (to any of my wonderful room-mates who might read this, I love you guys and I emphasize that it is OUR room, not mine, so even if I dislike all the visitors you all are perfectly in your right’s to have them visit!). But if life was easy, I would get bored real quick ;)> God’s going to help me through it, its just nice to moan about it every now and then. Plus you all wanted an update, so there you are!

In other news, school goes, NROTC goes, and everything else goes. I survived mid-terms, as usual, and now I have papers and presentations coming up (feel free to pray about that). I’m also trying to prepare myself to begin OCS-prep in the spring (we call it Bulldog training, as OCS–officer candidate school–is often called Bulldog), which is in preparation for OCS in the summer. Bulldog prep will involve a lot of physical and mental challenges, and I will have to change a lot of ways I currently act and gain more control over myself (no, smiling is not allowed…you see my problem?). Also, next weekend I’m going on the annual OCF retreat to White Sulfer Springs, you might remember when I went last year. I am praying that God will help me to really focus on him and grow through this retreat, and I will need to be diligent in my homework to make up for it.

There’s a lot of other things I could write about, but its getting late, I have homework, and I really would like to get more than five hours of sleep tonight. As always, I would love to hear from each and every one of you, and I would love to pray for you guys if anyone has any prayer-requests.

Praise the LORD, Yahweh King of all the earth. He is my life, my breath, my only reason for being alive. If you’re His child too, Hallelujah. If not, I pray that you would one day open your heart to him and experience the joy, peace, and assurance that I have because of His love and sacrifice. No matter what life throws at me, everything will always “be ok,” because all things are in His hands, and are part of His plan. Even in pain, hardship, and death, everything will still “be ok”, because He has conquered Death, and it has no hold over me anymore.

Praise the LORD, oh my soul, Praise the LORD

His Child

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