Snow and Penthouses

I’m sitting on the top (11th) floor of the new Thompson library of OSU campus.  The very top floor is a nice, penthouse-like study room, with lots of windows and window seats, nice leather couches, and an old oriental rug.  It has a nice kind of attic feeling to it.  Looking out the window, all is white.  Its snowing polar bears and arctic foxes out there.  I’m holed up here to do homework until the library closes at 10pm.  Its about 5:20 now.  Hopefully I’ll get something done ;)>.  I’ve got a group presentation to work on and a midterm paper to write, and I know that I’ve got to do them now or I’ll never get them done over the weekend, I’ll be too un-motivated.  Anyway, I just had the impulse to post something, since I missed last week.  Oh, and I’m also delaying getting started on my homework as long as possible ;)>.

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