Quarterdeck Ball

Ok, before we get started I’m going to lay down one ground-rule: you are not allowed to read this post and not comment (in some fashion or another, you can comment on my blog or you can e-mail me, either way is fine). You have been duly warned. If I hear you gush about these pictures next time I see you, but you never actually commented on them, grrrrrr. Ok, I’ll make an exception for anyone over 70 years old. People that old shouldn’t have to be forced to use *adopts creaky old-person voice* “these here new-fangled thingy-ma-watsits that young people these days spend so much time in front of. Hmph, these dern youngins, don’t know how to hand-write a decent letter every once-in-a-while. They’ve gone hog-wild about all this new tech-ni-ol-ogy. Now when I was a youngin, tech-ni-ol-ogy was puttin a penny in the candy machine and then out comes this here piece of candy!”

Ahem….sorry, that was fun to write, hopefully you found it slightly amusing and not at all insulting 😉 Gotta love the old days. The point is that my grandparents are exempt, but I’m pretty sure all the rest of you need to comment on my pictures :}.

So….drumroll please….Quaterdeck was a BLAST!!!! I had tons of fun, mostly because this year I knew everyone there and so I was surrounded by friends. We had a great location, at the Columbus Athenaeum (built in 1896 no less) and the ceremonies went off without a hitch. I was actually part of the ceremonies, I carried the Coast Guard cover for the POW/MIA table. Fortunately I managed to not mess up. The food was pretty good, not as good as the MC ball back in Nov., but nothing to turn your nose up at. And, they had cheesecake :0!!!!

Of course, the other reason it was so much fun was that this year, I did something totally unexpected (to myself as well as my family), and definitely breaking from my past image of aloof disinterest in all things girly and feminin. Sigh, I might as well fess up….I bought an evening gown…..and wore it….to the ball. And you know what I found out? Acting like a girl is a lot more fun than I thought it would be *lol, sheepish look* I guess I’m finally growing out of my younger, rebellious, teenage stage when all teenagers have to have something to rebel against or else they’re not teenagers ;)> To be more serious, I believe that God has worked in my heart and mind the past few years to help me mature and grow into the godly woman he wants me to be instead of staying the rebellious girl that I wanted to be.

So, the point is that last night was a big deal for me, a kind of “coming out and admitting that, yes, I actually am a woman and, dare I say it, aspire to be a lady.” A Butt-Kicking-Devildog-USMC lady, but a lady none-the-less. (and if you thing those things a mutually exclusive, think again). So here’s the point where you are allowed to say “I told you so!” and snicker over my abrupt about-face (are women fickle or what?)…………………………………………………………………….alright, moment over, now be quite and stop teasing me, or I won’t post pictures *gleefully dangles pictures of me in an evening gown over a large crowd of begging fans….ok maybe not*

So, I had a great time, danced with some guys, some girls, and a lot with myself, took some pictures, talked to people, and did not drink anything since I’m obviously not over 21 (though a couple guys tried to convince me that it doesn’t really apply to military functions, which I believe was true in past years, but they’ve become more strict now-a-days. In any case, I don’t like alcohol). After about an hour of dancing, hanging out, and taking pictures, most of the older mishipmen and all the MECEPs with their wives/dates (for those of you who’ve forgotten, the MECEPs are the older, prior enlisted Marines who are now getting their degree and an officer billet), left to go hit the bars. I stayed (of course), danced some more with my friends, and then caught a ride home with a couple other car-less midshipmen.

Upon arriving at my dorm, my room-mates jumped me (well, sort of) and demanded a retelling of the night and pictures. Did I mention that I have a new room-mate? Her name is Sydney, and she’s pretty amazing. We all get along tremendously well, and I’ve never had such fun before with any of my past or current room-mates. So we got to bed around….1:30 am. Being the disgusting person that I am, I woke up all on my own about 8:30 and got up, because sleeping late is obviously such a waste of time ;)> Oh yeah, and because I had this really long post that I was basically commanded to make (with pictures) and I want to get at least SOME homework done today.

What? What is that I hear? Oh, you want to hear about the dress do you? Yes, I suppose I did forget to tell you about it, how silly of me >:). You’ve already heard the first part of the story, where Kirsten, the girlfriend of another midshipman, heard that I had not yet bought a dress and determined to find one for me. We went to a thrift store and I tried on a few. There was one really pretty black and white one that I wanted, but there was the little problem of it being about six sizes too small. Among the six or seven I tried on, there were about three that fit me or could be altered to fit me and that I might actually consider wearing. Two were red, and nothing really exciting to look at, and the third was an olive drab green (not the best color for me, says my mom) dress of a simple, but elegant style. For anyone who cares, its a Daniel’s bridal dress, which new online costs 155$. I bought it for 25$ *smiles smugly*.

It was about two sizes too big, so Kirsten very graciously offered the use of her apartment and sewing machine so I could alter it. It took me about five hours, but with help from Kirsten and her mom (who makes costumes for some kind of drama club), I took it in, replaced the zipper with a lace-up back, and hemmed it. It worked! (yeah, I was so worried I would mess it up horribly).

It was quite a hit, mostly because I have a reputation of being decidedly un-feminin and this is the first time I’ve worn a dress to any NROTC function (so its the first time any of those people had EVER seen me in a dress, period). It also might have something to do with me looking good in it, which everybody said I did. I’ve always had this mental block against the idea that I was, or could be, pretty (don’t ask me why, I don’t really know), so I’ll just leave it to you all to decide. I am who I am and I don’t really care to think of myself as pretty or not pretty, because then I’ll get all stressed out about it and that’s a waste of time.

So now I will finally post the pictures, and I >:)> eagerly await you’re comments.


Thrift store dress #1 (did I mention there were no changing rooms? Ugh)


Thrift store dress #2 (I liked this one because it has a corset-like thing that laced up in the back)


Thrift store dress #3 (I’m pulling it in at the back so that it looks like it fits me)

And the winner?? Badadadadadada clash BOOM! The green one.


Our ballroom at the Columbus Athenaeum


Kyle Kuhn, a member of my squad, and his date.


Ryan Harper, another member of my squad, and his date Kirsten. Yes, the very Kirsten who was the architect of my whole “dress” adventure. Thank you Kirsten!!


Kirsten and I. I’m wearing pants and not a skirt, Dad, because I was in the ceremony and we had to all be uniform, all in pants. I had a dress for later so I didn’t mind.


Me with some “big shots”. The gentleman on my right is Captain Goetz, our unit’s Chaplain. On my left is Vice Admiral Davis Jr. (retired). He was our guest of honor. He gave an excellent speech with lots of advice for us midshipmen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear a word of it because I was at the very edge of the ballroom and it echoed a lot.


Me in my dress (obviously) with Sgt. Lindauer, another member of my squad. His date is taking the picture, and she happens to be an OSU student who works with my room-mate, Cherry, in the math department tutoring freshman (small world anybody?).




A series of photos of most of the people in Mike Company, the Marine part of OSU NROTC. I’d like to point out the asian looking guy in the back, who is so short he decided to climb on a table so he could see over everybody, and the GySgt in the front (I realize you don’t know how to tell, look for the guy not smiling), who is our Assistant Marine Officer Instructor and who NEVER smiles. I think he tried to smile for the last picture, but didn’t quite get it. I don’t know if he even knows how to smile.


On the left, Jess McGrath, my best friend at NROTC and one of the (only) three female marine options (she’s super awesome cool). In the middle SSgt Hayek, my platoon commander. And then me, of course. In the background, you might spot Sgt. Lindauer giving SSgt Hayek some very becoming bunny ears (LOL).


Me and Mrs. Rosenthal, the wonderful wife of Capt. Rosenthal (actually Major select, which means he’s been promoted to Major but they haven’t had the official ceremony yet). Mrs. Rosenthal, I would have the whole world know, is an amazing cook! I had thanksgiving dinner at their house last Nov.


Capt. Rosenthal and GySgt Edstrom (who is graduating this year 🙁 we’ll miss him). Oh, and SSgt Hayek was trying to get in the picture too, but he’s too short.


Having fun with Jess.


Me and John Thompson, a navy reservist who was an intell specialist in Afghanistan before he rotated back to the US and decided to join the NROTC program. He’s actually switching to the Marine Corps this winter, because he’s smart and wants to be with all us cool people. Since I want to do intel too, we get along pretty well. Oh, and he’s the only other person at the unit who is almost as enthused about PT and NROTC in general as I am. Its very encouraging to say the least (at least I’m not the ONLY crazy person around here).


Dancing….well maybe Mosh Pit-ing. Just so you’re clear, there were songs where people could actually dance in pairs to a beat, and other songs where everybody was just jumping up and down and screaming. One of the SSgts even did some modified break-dancing (its hard to do too much in uniform, they’re pretty tight).


Me and some friends from the Surface Warfare and Aviation departments: (L to R) Jade Reaves, Abby Rorapaugh, and Sheila Cecil.


More friends: (L to R) Tatiana Khawaja, me, Kacy Homoni, Jaclyn Hepfinger, and Abby in the back making faces. Kacy is the girl I hope to room with next year (in an apartment, not on campus), and she’s also a fellow Christian and home-schooler. Not surprisingly, we get along pretty well. Oh yeah, and did I mention Kacy and Jaclyn are thinking about switching to Marine option? I don’t even have to say we’re the coolest, all you have to do is look at the number of midshipmen who switch to Marine option every year ;)>


Sgt Lindauer and his date, Victoria (Tori) Conner.


Self explanatory. And no, it wasn’t very cold out. Its been pretty warm lately and I think it was around 50 last night. I bought a black scarf to go over what I was wearing, but I managed to lose it at the last minute (I still have no idea where it is, drat it), so it was very nice that it was not freezing outside.

Well, there you go. I hope you enjoyed it and it should last you a while, after all this work I don’t know if I’ll be able to rouse myself to post next week ;)>

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  1. gardeningfan says:

    You looked better in that color than I thought you would! Good job altering! Just wish you could have found something that wasn’t strapless. I’m so glad you had a good time, and are learning to have fun with friends. Now, back to the grindstone… :-)>

  2. Dad says:

    Wow– very amazing!! In the first pic you are daring the reader to not have a good time with the rest– there’s some kind of twinkle in your eye. In some of the others, you look like you’re going to burst with fun and excitement, like jumping in a snowdrift for the first time. Yes– the dress is well done, and certainly doesn’t look like thrift store. Most of all, you are OBVIOUSLY having a great time!

    Was praying for you last night– what a great answer!

    Love, Da

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