Another week

Whatdoyaknow! I’m writing again. Don’t get spoiled. I am actually half watching a documentary on Chinese wildlife. Wow. Its pretty amazing. I don’t suppose I even need to say “Waaaa, want to go and see it!!!” And my Chinese wouldn’t even do me any good talking with the animals ;)>

Ok, so nothing particularly exciting happened this week, except perhaps for my excursion on Friday night. I happened to mention to the girlfriend of a member of my squad that I was thinking about buying a prom dress for NROTC’s annual Quarterdeck ball. She almost fell over in shock that I wanted a prom dress but HADN’T BOUGHT IT YET. She said she started looking for her’s back in November *rolls eyes*. So she decided it was her personal mission to make sure I got one, and consequently took me out Friday night to look at some thrift stores and see if I could find out. And what do you know, I did.

I’m not going to post any pictures yet. I need to alter it so it fits me (its too big), so I’ll make sure to take pictures at the ball (this friday) and post them next week. Shopping for a prom dress was quite fun, especially when it only cost 25$ instead of 60-100 that new, retail dresses cost. I actually looked up the exact model of dress I got on the maker’s website. New, it costs 155$ *grin grin*.

On Saturday, I went to see Avatar (3-D), for the third time. No, don’t look at me like that. I really liked the movie, and especially the 3D part. And Avatar will only be in theaters once in my lifetime, so this is the only chance in the world I’ll have to see it on such a big screen. Avatar is one of those movies that much of its appeal comes from seeing it in theater. So I didn’t want to miss out. Also, its always fun to watch a very detailed movie like Avatar several times. The first time is the “new movie shock factor”, and the second and third times you have a chance to examine the detail, especially looking at other parts of the screen than what the camera is focusing on. You see a lot of interesting stuff that you didn’t catch the first time.

For instance, did you know that Neytiri, a Na’vi native of Pandora and the one who finds and teaches Jake Sully, unbraids her hair several times throughout the movie? It’s usually braided into many small braids, but in two scenes, it is all loose and brushed out. I noticed it the third time I watched the movie. I look forward to buying it once its out on DVD. Its main background is in a rain-forest and there is just so much detail to see. If you haven’t seen it you should.

This week is going to be pretty busy. I have tomorrow off since its MLK day, but this week is the last week of Fall set, so we have our drill competition and ball. Hopefully I’ll write all about it next week 🙂 So stay tuned.

Prayer requests:
-growth in the Lord as I struggle to have regular, meaningful quiet-times amid all my duties
-improvement for my vision as I do daily eye exercises to try and naturally fix my vision instead of getting surgery done
-self-control to focus on important, meaningful things in my life instead of spending so much time reading/on the internet/watching movies, etc. Yes I know that sounds silly coming from me, but I end up not getting enough sleep because of it.
-provision for an apartment for my senior year. I’m looking for an opening in a complex across the road from north OSU campus.
-thanks that I haven’t forgotten as much Chinese as I thought I had ;)>

Thanks for reading, and praying. I love to hear from you and I hope you all have a great week.

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