Wow, I’m lame, but now I’m finally posting

How’s that for a title?

I have no excuse for leaving my poor, huge mass of fans out in the dark and I just know you’ve all been pulling your hair out and threatening to go on strike if I don’t post more updates! Kidding. Mostly I have been busy, and the times when I could have posted I was busy doing other non-essential things like reading 😉

I’ve thought about posting often, and I’ve just never gotten around to it. Well, now I am. Hopefully this year I can keep up with at least a short post every couple weeks. We’ll see.

Lets see, brief summary of the Fall. Fall 2009 was my…10th quarter in school (that’s 2 and 1/2 years), and I have only 5 left to go before I graduate. This is technically my junior year, thought I was a rank four (senior) credits-wise since the end of my sophomore year. I only took 18 credits this fall, a nice step down in amount of school, but my duties in NROTC more than made up for that. I was a squad leader this set (unit of time that ROTC operates on, two sets in a year Sept – Jan and Feb – May) which means I was in charge of five people and that was more than enough to keep me busy. It was interesting and challenging and I have definitely learned a lot about leadership through it.

This past fall I had: Modern Chinese Culture, Post-Civil War American History, Expeditionary Warfare I, and Intermediate Arabic. They were all extremely interesting classes, well, except for Arabic since I had already learned most of that when I was in Syria. I was especially grateful for the Modern Chinese Culture class so that now I have a very good idea of the general history and culture of China for the past 100 years. It was kindof weird to be able to speak Chinese and not know much about the country.

Some highlights of my fall were my second “annual” trip to the Ohio Renaissance Fair, meeting Serena there and spending the day enjoying each others company and a break from school. It was very cold this time, but we had a wonderful time watching some shows while trying to stay warm.


A second highlight was the 2009 Marine Corps birthday ball. This was an actual ball, not a mess night like our unit had last year. It included a Lima Company and any other Marines in the area. It was large and I didn’t know most of the people, but it was very interesting and the food was AMAZING! I even danced a bit afterwords (in a big group, not with someone :().


Lastly, I decided to stay at college over thanksgiving because of homework issues, so I got to have Thanksgiving dinner at the house of my Marine Officer Instructor, Major Rosenthal. The food his wife cooked was superb, and I got to play with his little daughter Erin as well as meet his parents. I was very grateful to them for opening their home to me, and I had a great time.


This December was very eventful and exciting. My older sister Sarah Hartman, who was married last august (2008), had her first baby on Dec 19th. His name is William Rascoe Hartman II (named after his grandpa on his dad’s side). The Lord was gracious in keeping both mom and baby safe during the birth, despite complications that made a c-section necessary. Our family (mom dad, sis, grandparents, and me) went down to spend Christmas in Georgia with the new parents. We relaxed for five days in a cottage up in the Mountains right beside the Georgia/Tennessee border. William, when I saw him, was tiny, adorable, wiggly, and not too fussy, though he had his moments.


Now I’m back in school for winter quarter. My first week was freezing cold, and with about 5 inches of snow on the weekend. I got to go out and have dinner with some NROTC friends, which was very nice, and we went and saw the movie Avatar. I liked it even better than the first time I saw it (when it came out in Dec.), though it wasn’t quite as exciting since I knew what would happen. I always like to watch good movies at least twice because you pick up things the second time through that you missed before. I like it so much I’m planning on seeing it again next Monday on MLK day, assuming the theaters are open. I saw it in 3D before, and this time I’m going to see it in IMAX.

I also got to have dinner with a friend of mine form church who will be getting married soon. We went to a new restaurant called Ali Baba that serves Mediterranean food, and I was extremely excited to discover that they food they serve is mostly identical to a lot of the great food I had in Syria (its Lebanese food, which is very similar or the same as Syrian)! It was an excellent dinner and well priced. I plan on going back as often as I can manage.

Ok, time to do homework now. I have to read and summarize Suras 74 and 96 of the Qur’an for my new class “Intro to the Qur’an” It is very interesting and I’m glad to finally gain an understand a book that I’ve heard about over and over but never really understood. Whether or not I agree with anything in it, it is still an extremely influential book and any Arabic speaker would do well to be familiar with it.

In Christ

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  1. Dad says:

    Excellent post… love the pics! Please keep it up from now on- we miss this when you are away and don’t post.

    Hans A. and I got into a long discussion about truth and beauty today, and Avatar came up several times. He’s seen it twice, too. It represents, in fact, the industry he works in, so he knows some of the inside stuff.

    Love, Da

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