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Timeline of my travels

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Warning, to save time I didn’t proof read this, so no fussing at me for grammar/spelling mistakes.  I don’t have a lot of time, so be happy with what you get.

Well, my week of travel was VERY amazing (I really can’t describe how incredibly amazing parts of it were), and it felt like a lot longer than just a week.  To give a quick rundown of what I did and where I went when, here’s a list of my adventure:

Friday:  Left in the morning by bus to Palmyra, a tourist city that exists because of the very old Roman and pre-Roman ruins of a city that used to be a major trading route.  That evening I visited some tombs, and a castle up on a big hill overlooking the ruins to watch the sun set.

Saturday: Got up at 4:30 and met a Bedu man named Jasim so I could get a camel ride up to the castle to watch the sun rise over the ruins.  After the sun rose he let me “drive” the camel back down and we went to the ruined city of Palmyra.  I spent the morning wandering around the ruins and visiting the ancient Temple of Baal.  That afternoon I hung out at the oasis with some more Bedouins and some other tourists.  That night Jasim took me (more…)