First day of class

Well, here we go again.  Today I began my  third straight year of school.  I’ve been attending one school or another (minus xmas and spring break) constantly since June 2007.  And I actually really like it, so no feeling sorry for me.

Today I started Arabic classes.  I tested into level four (beginner intermediate), which is where I expected/wanted to be.  So far I think I’m beyond this level of grammar (I just did a grammar class spring quarter at OSU), but my speaking and listening are not really great, so this is the right class for that.  I also plan to start taking private lessons three days a week in Syrian (the colloquial language) within the next week.

So there are about 13 people in my class: 1 Iranian, 4 Spaniards, 1 German, 1 Chinese, 1 Malaysian, 3 Americans (me and my two OSU classmates, funny how we all got put in the same class), 1 Brit, and 1 Australian.  I am VERY excited about the chinese girl (Wen Qiying, but since Syrians can’t pronounce Qiying, she gave her name as Kiween).  We spent a while chatting in Chinese during break, much to the amazement of the rest of the class.

I’ll let you know more about classes once I’ve had a week of them and actually have something to say about the homework and stuff.

I also have more pictures to post, but I’ll probably be slow in doing it now that school has started.

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