Pictures, finally

Finally some pictures, if I can get them to upload anyway, the connection is sketchy here and some things are blocked.  I wish you all could be here though, the pictures don’t do it justice


This is the courtyard of the house I’m staying in.  It is very cool here in the morning, and at night, pretty hot in the afternoon, and tolerable in the evening.


This is my room.  It is nice and roomy with a big closet, a queen sized, pleasantly squishy bed, a desk, couch, book case, and a ceiling fan (the most important thing of all!)


A beautiful sunrise, seen from the top of my house. Like most houses in the middle east, this one has a flat roof and raised sides so you can go out on the roof to hang laundry or do whatever. I’ve been waking up very early because of the time change and from the top of my house, you see the first sliver of sun at exactly 5:27:30 in the morning, and it is totally risen by 5:31:00. It is a beautiful sight to see.


The rooftops of the Old city, early in the morning.  This is facing east


More rooftops, this is facing south


The famous Souq Al-Hammidiyya. The whole souq (market in Arabic) is quite large and takes up the whole north western corner of the old city, but this covered stretch is the most famous since it goes from the great western gate straight east to Umaiyyid Mosque, one of the most revered mosques in the area and a great tourist attraction.


A tea seller, 5 lira per cup


Old roman columns on either side of an old street, east exit of the covered souq, leading straight to Ummaiyyid Mosque


Ummaiyyid Mosque, or at least the western side of it. I have not been in yet, I plan to wait until I make friends with a native who will accompany me and explain the significance of things I wouldn’t understand, not only because it is not my native culture or language, but also not my religion.


A winding, narrow street of the Old City, though I must say this is quite large compared to most of them.  The average street in the Old City is half this width, and some of them I can easily touch each wall without stretching out my arms all the way.


A bakery, where I bought a small pizza like bread covered in cheese, meat and olives, and several other breads stuffed with cheese or meat.  All very tasty and warm, fresh from the oven.


The East side of Ummaiyyid Mosque, with my housemate and fellow OSU student, Jennifer, is leaning against the arch wall.


A rug seller, and the beginning of An-Nawash street, also part of the souq, that ran almost strait to Bab Touma street on the east side of the Old City, near where I live.

This is part one, I’ll post more soon, hopefully.  It takes a while with the slow connection so I can’t do too many at once.

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  1. Dad says:

    Love the pictures! I think I like the tea seller the best– what is the exchange rate on the lira?

    Wow! To put your hand on a stone column that may have been built before Christ was born… don’t have anything like that around here.

    These pics remind me of Morocco.

    Love, Da

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