yeah! update, am I boring you?

Dear Friends and Family,

Time for another update already? Time flies by as slow as a snail. Or to put it another way, time inches by at the speed of light. You know what I mean? This winter quarter has seemed really weird, I’m taking more credit hours then I’ve ever taken before (28) but I feel less busy than I have been in a while. Hmm, I think it is that I don’t have class on Friday. I don’t have less homework, its just that I’m concentrate my duties more and its not as spread out as it usually is. Anyway, I’ve been busy, as always, but busy is different every week. There’s busy, and then there’s…busy, and then of course there is just BUSY (don’t you love me by now?). And isn’t it funny how I always start my e-mails out like this? I speculate about life…and the nature of time…and squirrels, and then I get on with recounting my week. I’m getting too predictable in my old age.
Alright, I’ll stop messing with your brains now and get on real stuff. Of course, what goes on in the mind is just as real as what happens aroun…ok, ok, I’ll shut up now.

Top on my list of news is that I have finally heard back from the Critical Language Scholarship people, a month earlier than I expected. And yes, you are right to think early=bad, they contacted me to regretfully inform me that I was not one of the 525 people picked out of 5,400 for the scholarship. Now, before you start feeling sorry for me, remember that this is God’s plan. And we all know that God’s plan always works out much better than our feeble attempts at arranging our own lives. I, therefore, only spent about 10 minutes after I read the e-mail trying not to cry, and then got on with planning how I would get to the Middle East some other way.

God has actually opened a very nice little door for me in the way of a summer Arabic language program at the University of Damascus in Syria that is a) VERY cheep b) in one of the OLDEST cities on the planet and c) so very cool that a couple of the Arabic TA’s here at OSU might be going too, in which case I’ll have company. There are large obstacles in front of me, namely that no matter how cheep the program is, the fact remains that I have no money, and therefore have to figure out how to get it from somewhere else (scholarships, loans, donations, and the end of a rainbow). And then there is the nature of the program: in fine Arabic fashion, I don’t apply months before hand and have a convenient representative in the States that explains everything and gives me a nice little orientation to help me get ready. Nope, I show up 5 days before classes start, sign up and pay on the spot. Fun? You bet. Now I have to figure out how to get a visa on my own, hmmm…I hear Arab men like blond women, I wonder if they take bribes? (JUST KIDDING!) So now, even though you think you’re off the hook praying for me because I’ve had an answer from CLS, I am in fact looping you in for even more prayer, that God would help me plan my own trip to the Middle East! Love you all :)>

In other news, classes rock in varying degrees of awesomeness, NROTC just rocks (how can the perfection of ecstasy have degrees?), and I’m pregnant…oops, kidding again. (I hope you’re laughing by now, because YES I am trying to be funny).

Wednesday I got to do a Boots and Uoots (utilities, meaning camouflage and combat boots uniform) run while lugging around a 20-some pound ammo case with my beloved Mike company. Then on Friday morning I got to be with them again (yeah, Marines rock) to take the PFT (physical fitness test). If you want to know about my score on the test, just ask my father, he’ll tell you all about it (but remember how fathers like to brag about their children, so take whatever he says with a grain of salt).

On the school work front, I’ve been struggling this weekend to complete two presentations I have to give tomorrow, one on the development of US Naval Intelligence from 1776-1860, and one on the economic impact the current credit crisis has had on Western Europe. I can find but scant information on the former, and the latter is exceedingly complicated. Pray for me, I’m probably going to be up late tonight.

This coming week is the last week of classes, though it is mostly reviews and preparing for the finals. I have my Arabic final on Thursday, my Chinese final on Friday, and my Naval Science, Intro to Intel, and Poly Sci Stats. finals on Monday, March 16th. Please pray for my finals as well, I think this is the most finals I’ve ever had (five) and its going to be a MOTIVATING weekend as my battle buddy, Thompson (enlisted, USN) says all the time.

I hope all your lives are at least as interesting as mine, and if you’re having half as much fun as I am then I know you’re doing ok (of course, I’d know how you are doing even better if you would e-mail me *bambi eyes* Pleeeeeeze?)
Love ya’ll (HA, someone used ya’ll in my Arabic class the other day, the professor was not pleased)

In Christ

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