Why are all my posts titled “Busy…” “School…” or perhaps “Squirrel…” maybe because those two words define my life at the moment: Busy, School (not squirrel)

February 8, 2009

Busy busy busy, and it will continue for the next few weekends as well.  Actually it might just be this busy till spring break, since usually once the quarter picks up around midterms it doesn’t get less busy till you finish finals.  Anyway, I could use the excuse of being busy to not write an update, but I know that you all hang on my every word and might waste away if I don’t write you regularly (ok, kidding).

So last week was pretty exciting since we had a big snowstorm (not as bad as what happened down in KY though) and class was canceled Wednesday.  I was actually not very happy about this because one, it messed up my schedule and rhythm of living, and second because it put us back in a couple classes so now we have more to do in less time (equals late midterms equals more rushed homework and projects at the end of the quarter and less time for review before finals).  And anyways, I LIKE class, I wanted to go, but noooo, the sissies canceled when there was only a paltry inch of ice covered by six inches of snow.  The snow, however, was very pretty and the ice storm made for some cool pictures.  It is finally just now melting, after a week and a half of 0-20 degree weather it is getting up in the 40s and 50s (yeah!) and the sun is out.

Last Saturday I volunteered all day with some other NROTC midshipmen to judge a JROTC drill meet at a high-school in the Columbus suburbs.  I have to say, not counting the fact that I was gone all day and therefore got no homework done, it was tons of fun.  Those kids made me laugh.  Some of them were pretty serious about the whole thing, but I got the impression that it was just because it was a competition and you know how high-school kids are about competition, not because it was ROTC.  Many others were just there and doing their best because their friends would all be mad at them if they didn’t put effort into it.  Others were there and didn’t put effort into it because they obviously didn’t care.  Then there were those who strutted around with varying degrees of self importance (I’m kind of exaggerating, but it WAS hysterical to watch them) with these huge mounds of ribbons on their chest and so many medals hanging from their neck and other appendages that I was surprised they didn’t flop over with the weight of it.  I will attest that JROTC does some very good things, but it is just a game to all these kids, they have no idea, no inkling as to what it is all really about.  And that is ok, because they are just kids.  I wouldn’t have been able, or inclined, to understand it at that age either.  And even I have very little idea of “what its all about” from doing NROTC, though I do understand a lot more than I used to.  No one really knows until they get out to the fleet, and even then it is still a game to some until they get to combat.

Ok, rabbit trail, those were supposedly highschool kids, but they seemed like middleschool kids to me, they were so LITTLE!  Some of them literally very small, and most all of them mentally and in maturity level way below what I kind of had in my head as the appropriate level for highschoolers.  Now, I’m not old, I’m only 19, but I felt like I was about 25 or 30 compared to those kids.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was homeschooled and they are in public school.  I’m sorry, but public school does not do a very good job at all at teaching kids how to grow up.  While trying to avoid sounding like I’m boasting, many many people have told me that I seem far older than my years, and I was (and still am) regularly mistaken for a 21 year old even last year when I was a freshman.

So anyway, the drill meet was fun, the kids were amusing to watch, and they made me feel old.  Enough on that subject

This week was the deadline for my physical req. for the NROTC scholarship.  I did meet the requirements, thank you for praying, and I signed off and mailed in the scholarship on Thursday.  Keep praying that I will get it.  If I do, I believe I will have a full ride for my last two years, as my University merit scholarships will cover the room and board costs that the navy scholarship does not cover.  This will be a huge answer of prayer and a big burden off my shoulders.  I will feel much better about concentrating on my schoolwork and physical fitness and not as much time worrying about money, bothering my parents and grandparents, and spending time filling out scholarship applications and FAFSA stuff every year.  Also, I really don’t need anything else to add to my already healthy pile of student loans I will need to start paying off in a few years.

This week I had two midterms, I think they went well, and next week I have two more.  Also this week I finally nailed down a roommate and applied for housing next year.  I am rooming with a Chinese girl named Li Cheng, who responded to my “e-mail add” looking for a roommate.  She, by God’s providence, happens to be from Qingdao, and I think we will get along quite well.  We will also be rooming with two other American girls, I have no idea who they will be.  Really the only way I could find a Chinese person to live with me on campus was to agree to live with other Americans as well so they have more of a chance to speak English.  I don’t really mind, hopefully God will use this opportunity for the best.  Li Cheng is not a Christian as far as I know.  We will hopefully be living in Blackburn, a dorm much like my current one and about 50 yards away from Scott House.

I have not yet applied for any study abroad programs, I have really not had time to even think about it, so please keep praying that God would give me wisdom to choose which ones would be best for me (I have to choose between a program I like, but is too expensive, and ones I don’t like as much but could probably afford).

Lastly, I seem to be turning into a social butterfly as I have had dinner with a grand total of TWO people this week!  Isn’t that amazing.  I usually always eat by myself, mostly so I can do homework while I eat.  Friday night a Chinese friend of mine, Gong Fang, who I have helped with English in the past, invited me to her apartment and cooked a Chinese dinner for me.  It was absolutely scrumptious, and after dinner we talked and looked at each other’s pictures on our computers till midnight.  Yesterday I had lunch with a girl on my floor who I really don’t know, not because I dislike her or anything but just because I haven’t really had time to talk or get to know anyone on my floor past my roommates.  So we had dinner together at a University cafeteria.  We talked mostly about general things like classes, her sorority, my NROTC program, etc.  It was fun, I suppose, at least she was really nice and interesting to talk to.  And TODAY I am having lunch with a Chinese girl who replied to my roommate search, but after I had already picked Li Cheng.  She works at North Commons (the cafeteria right next to my dorm) and was interested in meeting me even if we couldn’t be roommates.  Dad says he’s glad I’m getting more social, I think I’m just a sucker for food ;)> and if they invited me to go shopping or bowling or something I’d probably say no (those take too long, think of all the homework I wouldn’t get done!).

Hope you all have a good week, especially you people in KY who should be thawing out about now.  God bless!

In Christ

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