Spring is Coming?

Dear Family and Friends, (February 15, 2009)

Well, according to the weather spring IS coming, it has been between 40-60 and sunny for a week now. I’m hearing the birds tweeting, the buds thinking about growing, isn’t it a little early? Well, I suppose it is going to get a little colder next week, but still sunny! I’m not complaining mind you, its just that when it gets too warm too early in the year then the daffodils at home start coming up (thinking all the cold is over), but then a cold spell comes back and kills them all. They really shouldn’t start coming up till late march, but they usually get confused and start coming up some time in Feb. because we get this warm spell.

This week I had two midterms, in Arabic and Chinese, and I believe they went well (thanks for praying). Monday morning I have a presentation due and another midterm, so I’m not out of the woods yet! By the time I take my last midterm (actually two weeks from now, go figure) I’ll be ready for finals *sigh*.

Nothing really interesting has been going on this week, though I did put my foot down and made myself get 7 hours of sleep for about 4 nights in a row (I have been getting about 5 every night for the past couple weeks, not good). I feel better now.

Friday I did OOD training (that is Officer of the Day). At the NROTC unit every day there is an OOD (one of the midshipmen) and the OOD is in charge of unlocking the building in the morning, doing morning colors (running up the American flag out front), and then is in charge of study hall from 1600-2000 (military time!) when people with not so good grades have mandatory study hall. They are also in charge of working party (also 1600-2000) who are a rotating group of three people that clean up the unit every evening. Then the OOD has to make sure everything is in order and lock up that night. So I shadowed Friday’s OOD and got qualified. It was pretty boring actually. We are allowed, encouraged actually to bring homework and do it during watch as long as it doesn’t hamper our ability to pay attention to what is going on around us. So I got some homework done.

Sorry for the short e-mail, but I have to do color guard at 10 and I still need to iron my uniform and get ready. Color guard is just carrying the colors (national flag, USN flag and USMC flag) during the beginning of any OSU sports game (men’s basketball in this case) when the play the national anthem. Uniform is SDBs (service dress blues for anyone who wasn’t paying attention to my earlier e-mails).

Keep praying for my CLS scholarship (for study abroad) and my Marine corps scholarship, I should know about both of them by the end of march. And lastly, Happy Valentines Day everyone!

In Christ

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