Three more days before Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends and Family,

Another week has passed, one less week between me and Christmas break! I think this is going to be my best Christmas ever because I’ve been away from home for more than a year with only a few weeks here and there of break time, so it will be wonderful to celebrate this holiday with my family. I just have school this week Mon-Wed, then I’ll be home for the weekend, back to OSU for the last week of school and then a half week of exams, and then home for Christmas.

This past week has been pretty lax and boring compared to the whirlwind of stuff I had going on before. I did have my second Chem. midterm (piece of cake) and I took by 2nd of three Arabic tests yesterday. Yesterday was also the OSU/Michigan game, which was pretty anticlimactic since OSU beat michigan by about 47 to 10. Not that I was paying attention or care, but I feel like the OSU/Pennstate game weekend was much more exciting for the general populous than this weekend. Maybe the cold had something to do with it. Its been between 15 and 35 degrees here for the past week, with a pretty strong wind-chill. Of course, the cold didn’t deter everyone who jumped into Mirror Lake on Thursday night, I actually think people have a lot more fun (or just think they do) when it is very cold. When it is very cold, you have to scream and jump around a lot to keep yourself from freezing up, so I guess things are much more lively when it is cold.

Our NROTC unit did its last stadium cleanup for the year this morning. It was COLD!! But I survived. We collected all the various things we found in the stadium this time and put it all in bags to donate to various charities. We didn’t do anything exceptionally interesting this past week, though Capt. Rosenthal took over remedial PT on Monday and we played dodge-ball along with exercising (FYI, I am not on remedial PT, but I like to go all the same and work out with them because it is at a convenient time for me and because I like it). The dodge-ball was really fun, especially because my team won. I was horrible at throwing balls, but pretty good at dodging them. Capt. Rosenthal can be very strict, serious, and intimidating sometimes when you’ve messed up, but he is a naturally fun-loving guy all the rest of the time and enjoys a good joke.

Next week I have a midterm on Tuesday, but it is in Geology so I don’t need to worry too much about it. We take three midterms for that class but only the top two will be kept, and I’ve already gotten a 98 and a 95, so I don’t even have to take the third one if I don’t want to. But I’m going to anyway because it is good practice and it will help prepare me for the final.

Remember, I always love hearing from you all *bambi eyes* and I hope everyone has an WONDERFUL and BLESSED Thanksgiving holiday.
God bless.

In Him,

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