First post of 2009

Dear friends and family,

Whew, what a time the past few weeks have been. The end of last quarter seems like years ago instead of only a month. I won’t go into great detail about my vacation, mostly because all I did was read, work-out, and get ready to go back to college. However, there were a couple of highlights I’ll mention. The first was that my roommate, Vanessa, came to our house to spend Christmas with us. I was overjoyed that she was able to come, and many of you who are from my hometown got to meet her at Church. I am pretty sure she really enjoyed herself (at least she didn’t complain to me ;), and we had a good time showing her all about how we celebrate Christmas. Among other things, we went ornament shopping, had a Christmas dinner, introduced her to stockings Christmas morning, she helped us to make Christmas bread, went with us to our Christmas eve service, and finally, we took her to our Church’s second annual New Years Eve contra dance party. She was probably pretty overwhelmed at times by most of this (or maybe just overwhelmed by me and my family, we have NO lack of exuberance). But she dealt with everything very well using good English (remember she is native Chinese) and I am sure I could not have done as well if our situations were reversed and I was in China.

My second highlight was my reading and watching movies, which might make you laugh. I spent all of fall quarter being ridiculously busy. I did not watch a SINGLE movie the whole 2 1/2 months and only read a few books (meaning leisure reading). I probably spent the first 3-4 days of vacation doing nothing but reading all day. I read a 3 book series about the story of Pride and Prejudice, but written from Darcy’s perspective, probably about 250 pages each. I also read the last two books in the Honor Harrington series, each about 900 pages long (I LOVE long books). I’m pretty sure I read some other books as well but I’m not going to spend time remembering what they were. I also watched a bunch of movies with Serena, my little sister.

And, of course, there was my family, who I was very very happy to see. Going home is always kindof wierd (in a really good way). My breaks have a pattern in the way I do things, my schedule and every day pattern, and how I interact with the people around me. I have to switch between college phase to home phase, Ohio phase and Kentucky phase, big city phase to little city phase. Kindof silly isn’t it? Anyway, it starts from the moment I buckle up in the car with mom to drive home from columbus. At this point I am TOTALLY ready to get out of there and get away from school for a while, and really really excited about going home. From there it is a steady downward slope to home phase, the transition lasting about a week before I’m really out of one phase and into another. Then for a while I am totally switched, so glad I’m home, and trying to keep the idea of going back to school locked up in the back of my mind. Then about a week to four days before I have to go back, depending on the length of my break, I give myself a shake and start to drag myself back up the slope toward college phase, reluctant at first. But then I start to get into it and feel that I’ve had time enough away. I start to get excited about what the new quarter will bring me and what cool stuff I’ll learn in my new classes. I want to get back to doing my own thing. By the time I climb into the car to drive back I am TOTALLY ready to get back to school, lets get going guys! Then once I’ve moved all my stuff back in and mom has driven away, I have about a five hour “family” withdrawal. I get pretty morose and lonely because I’m not going to see them again for months. But I usually get over that by the next morning when classes start.

Yeah, so….anyway, hopefully that was interesting and not more detail than you really care about. I just thought it was interesting and never really thought about it myself, I just know I am in two completely different mindsets when I’m at college and when I’m at home.

This past week has been really great, I really love my classes and they seem like they won’t be so hard as last quarter. Which is good since I’m taking six of them this quarter, 28 credits. Before you accuse me of trying to kill myself, one of the classes I am only auditing, so I don’t have to do homework or tests. It is about Middle Eastern culture and modern politics. I wanted to know more about the middle east to get ready for study abroad this summer, but I didn’t have time to take the class when it is not one of my required classes.

You’ll have to wait to hear more about school till next week, since I spent entirely too long talking about Christmas break. Whatever, talk to you guys next week.
God bless!


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