Finals Week

Hi guys! I’m busy studying for finals, so I’ll give a quick rundown of things and that’ll hafta hold you over for a while. I had a great thanksgiving, I hope you all did to. However it was a bit…different due to the fact that our furnace broke and we had no heat the whole time (outside temp between 25 at night and 50 during the day) Our house if very drafty, so we could only keep a room or two moderately warm with little electric heaters. It was finally fixed the following thursday (two days ago).

This past week has been SUPER busy and I got very little sleep the first few nights. That was a necessary, but of course very stupid decision on my part, since little sleep, plus nerves because of a final and a final project presentation, and almost no food that day led to my almost collapse in the middle of my presentation Wednesday evening. I was thoroughly scolded for not taking care of myself by my teacher and sent home, where I fell into bed and slept 10 hours. Thus I royally flunked my chemistry quiz the next morning since I had not had time to study (I was studying for finals before Wednesday and wednesday evening I was asleep). BUT, it didn’t matter at all since our lowest chem quiz grade is dropped and I had gotten 100 on all the others, so my flunked quiz won’t factor into my overall grade.

After all those exciting things happened, Friday morning I was playing [insert name of ball game that I have forgotten what it is called] with a group of my fellow midshipmen at the rec. center and I managed to get an elbow to my nose. This caused my nose to start gushing blood and of course that was the end of that game. My nose was not broken, and it stopped bleeding from the inside after about 2 min. I got cleaned up and bandaided (I also had a cut on the bridge of my nose), and went off to class. Saturday morning when I woke up I had a lovely black eye.

Love y’all, pray for my finals.


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