Veteran’s day update

Ok guys, quick update,

(disclaimer, I’m too busy to edit this, so if you see spelling or grammar mistakes, don’t be surprised (mother *glare*)) Wow, it is so amazing how, once I get involved in the new week, last week kindof fades away and I have to look on my schedule to remember what happened! Well, I’ll try to dredge something up.

Last tuesday I had a midterm, second Geology one, haven’t got it back yet but I think I didn’t do too well. That is ok, because I didn’t study, and I didn’t study because the lowest of the three midterms is dropped, so I didn’t want to take extra time to study really hard for this one when I had so much else I had going on.

I finally got my part of our final project in Chinese done and handed in, as well as a couple other assignments for that class. But tomorrow I have to give a presentation on my part of the final project, so you can pray for that.

Chemistry and Naval Sciences are pretty normal, Chemistry is interesting and I am feeling much better about it because last friday I sat down in the Chemistry TA’s room and read and did the homework for the past two chapters and finished my lab report. I hadn’t done any of that for the past two weeks because of all the other stuff I had to do, and Chemistry was one thing I could let slide. But I was annoyed because I didn’t understand what the lecturer was talking about, so I’m back on track w/Chem now (does little dance). It was very satisfying, but I didn’t want to hear anything about moles for the whole weekend after.

Arabic I’m still pressed to keep up with, though I think I’m doing better now that I had today off (Veteran’s day) and was able to do homework all day.

Ok, enough with classes, I’m probably boring you anyway. The exciting thing that happened last week, or rather the beginning of this week, was my geology field trip to Hocking hills. I did NOT bring my camera ON PURPOSE so that I wouldn’t spend a whole bunch of time taking pictures of stuff and later feeling guilty that I hadn’t uploaded any of it. But don’t feel bad, it was gray, rainy, and cold anyway. There were four good things about that field trip: one, the new Timothy Zahn starwars book that I took with me and read on the way and way back. It was SOO good to relax and read a good book after my stressful few weeks. Two, picking up and petting a cat that wandered around after us on one of the trails. We figured it belonged to one of the people who lived near by because it was sleep, well fed, and had a coller + bell. It was also very nice, fluffy, and warm (we were freezing). Three, seeing the pretty amazingly beautiful gorge weathered away in the sandstone by a stream. It wasn’t anything as large scale as the grand canyon or anything, but still very pretty. Four, last but DEFINITELY not least, was getting BACK in the warm vans after we finished our hike. All in all, except for the fact that it took all day, and I almost missed church, it was a good field trip (mostly because I got to read my book).

Your humor for this week is an encounter I had the other day with….can you guess….a squirrel (again!). I was walking out of Fresh Express (an on-campus dining facility) and I passed by a trash can. Perched on top of the trash can, clutching a prize morsel, was a squirrel. Now the squirrel pulling trash out of the trash can to eat wasn’t surprising at all, I’ve seen them do it before. However, what the squirrel was eating made me laugh: it was holding a quite large and recognizable Chicken McNugget, and munching away happily. I managed to snap a few pictures, which I sorry but you will not get to see until this weekend.

One more thing, I started getting sick today, and I would crave your prayers that God would heal me quickly. Not only is it hard dealing with a large class/homework load when you are sick, but I also have to do a lot of physical exercise for NROTC and you know sick + exercise in cold = not good.

Ok, that’s all I have time for, but I hope you all are having a good week and getting excited about the holidays (I sure am).

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