Pics from Marine Mess Night


This is our units Marine Officer Instructor, Capt. Rosenthal and his wife. Capt. Rosenthal is an amazing man and I look up to him a lot. He had been very helpful and encouraging while at the same time pushing me to accomplish all that I possibly can. He also has an amazing sense of humor, which is a must in a marine ;)>


The marine birthday cake. The picture is of “Chesty” Puller (called chesty because he won so many medals), the quote says “We’re surrounded….well that simplifies our problem.”



Me and my cousin Will Logan. Note, I am wearing the NAVY Service Dress Blues, I do not have Marine SDBs yet because I am not on scholarship.



The cutting of the cake ceremony, this is the cake cutting detail. The different uniforms you see are the differences between officer uniforms and enlisted uniforms.


Drinking the grog. I managed to not have to drink any, but it was a close thing. From the reactions of everyone else who had to drink it, it was awful. Some people said it tasted like vomit.


Me and some of my friends being cool. They are my fellow 4/C Midshipmen, but I am a sophomore and they are freshmen. The flags in the back are the flags of the USMC, USA, and USN respectively.

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  1. Dad says:

    Great pictures!

    Will looks like, “… hurry up with the pictures- I want to eat!”

    Capt. R. also appears to have an amazing wife. Are all Marine officers this good lookin’??

    Love, Da

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