Pictures from Ren fair and other

Ok, here’s some pictures of recent activities. Sorry you don’t get more.
These first three pictures are from back in August when Serena and I went to Red River Gorge. We found this awesome little cliff face that had many small ridges running horizontal along it that made it very easy to climb. So we got creative and I did some posing, then changed the pics a little bit with my computer.cimg3257.jpg




This is me in my SDBs (Service Dress Blues). I know I know, I look like a flight attendant. Sigh…..Anyway, that was after I came back from the Navy Ball (celebrating the birthday of the US Navy). This is SDBs with a skirt, as you can see, but I also have pants I can wear with the uniform.

Next we have Ren. Fair pictures, which was this Saturday, the 18th of Oct. I came down with a friend from Columbus and my sister, Serena, and some of her friends came up from Kentucky. We had an amazing time dressing up, spending lots of money, and being together.


Us standing at the gate decked out in our finery. From left to right: me, Serena (little sister), Catherine (friend from church), Caitlin (friend from Church).


A comedy show we watched, two hilarious men dressed up in tights and explaining the correct form of gentlemanly behavior (swaggering around looking for women, and fighting a duel over them). It was VERY funny and I think if my dad was there he would have flopped over and died from laughing so hard.


Sir Shelton, my champion in the jousting (one side of the stands cheered for one knight and the other side cheered for the second knight). He is a champion jouster from Ireland and his opponent was the English Knight Sir William (Booooo). Of course Sir Shelton won (yeah!!) and he was very funny, with a great accent *grin*.


Sir Shelton charging down the lane toward Sir. William.


Sir William after he was knocked off of his horse, being helped up by the various squires. The armor was so heavy that he couldn’t get up by himself, though I also imagine that he was rather stunned from the fall.

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  1. Dad says:


    Love you in the Navy uniform, and you look impressive in your dress & cloak. Yes, the swordsmen and Irish guy look like they’re having loads of fun. Looks like you got creative with the camera at Red River. Just don’t tell me how big the drop was below you… 😉

    Love, Da

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