Week II Pictures


This is the school we went to, Qingdao Zhicheng Shicha Zhongxue. This is the courtyard. Surrounding us are many, many classrooms, and off the the left is a large PE space, a huge open air concrete field with basketball hoops, a parade ground, and a track encircling it all.


This is the class that we watched. I thought that the students would be very hot with those uniforms on (which look like PE uniforms but all the students were wearing them and I didn’t see any other uniforms), but they seemed not to mind.


Me having a lively discussion with some students. We all split up into groups after the class, with each american getting a group of about 10 students.


Learning TaiChi, what fun. It is very different from Tae-Kwon-Do, which is what I’m used to. It is very slow and flowing, and requites very good balance. It is very calming and relaxing.


This is the market I went to on Friday. It is currently under some renovation, thus the stuff laying around outside. Above the market (which is the first two floors) is all residential buildings.


This a view from the 23rd floor of a friends apartment, looking out toward the open sea. See all those buildings? All of them are apartments. There are soo many apartment buildings in Qingdao (well any big city in China). I have never seen so many apartment buildings in my life, and I’m almost positive none of them are under 5 stories, the average is between 15 and 20 stories. No suburban housing in China, it is astronomically expensive to build and own a “normal” two story house that is all your own.


Random giant happy Buddha. I believe that there used to be a factory here, and when it moved they build this little park to bring blessings on their business and as a place for the workers to go and “wish for happiness” for the factory (or something like that).


Some old battleships and an old submarine in the harbor.


A different view of the battleships.


This is ‘Raymond’ and ‘Lucy’. Raymond is Hongmei’s son, and Lucy is his cousin. This is on “little Qingdao” the small island that used to be a military base, it is now a tourist attraction.

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