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My dad made this comment on one of my blogs

“We all love your pictures, and the long, chatty posts are just what we need to get a better feel for your life in China. I think my biggest surprise has been that if I were in China right now, not speaking one speck of Chinese, I would still feel safe and be able to make my way around. Honestly, I can’t say that about the U.S., at least in certain places. Do you agree?
One more request– describe the ickiest thing you have eaten so far (Serena asked me to ask this … `-)” And here is my reply.

I would say that if I was an american tourist in China who didn’t speak any Chinese, I might definitely be nervous, but as long as I did my homework, I think it would be a pleasant trip. People here are very nice and helpful. Many signs have english below the chinese (or at least pinyin). Quite a few people speak a little English, and some people speak it quite well. Many things here are very similar to the US, with the few exceptions that you need to ask someone about and do a little homework on. I can not say the same for the US if I was a Chinese person visiting who didn’t speak English. Very few people speak Chinese in the US among the general population. The only place I have seen Chinese characters in public anywhere was on some of the signs at the Detroit airport (they also had some chinese on the loudspeakers).

As for food, I have tried very hard to ovoid eating disgusting things because I don’t want to get sick. Usually my nose tells me if I will like something or not, and if my nose doesn’t like the smell, that probably means it will make me sick if I eat it. There are a few interesting things though that I have eaten. One is hard boiled eggs which look for all intensive purposes to be rotten, they are green in color. I am not quite sure why they are green, it might be something that they cook it in, but I was finally cornered into eating one and it turned out to be quite tasty. But it sure does look dangerous.

Second, I ate a “hefan” box lunch on the train to Qingdao, and it was the nastiest thing I’ve ever eaten. Not because the food was weird, but because it was just bad. I had not been warned to avoid train food yet, so I unknowingly dug into rice that tasted like plastic and cardboard, pork that was really just chunks of gelatinized fat, and vegetables that I have no idea what they were, but they certainly didn’t taste like edible food. Needless to say I didn’t eat very much.

There have been many disgusting looking things I have seen, but have not eaten, including just about every living thing in the sea (still alive when I saw them) and pig stomachs, intestines, eyeballs, and brains.

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  1. Dad says:

    K- thanks. I didn’t really have in mind “bad” food, but I guess if that’s the most disgusting thing so far, you’re doing well. Your grandfather also talked about eating year-old eggs when he was in China in 1945, but I think he said they were black. Seen any black eggs? He also said he drank a certain beverage once, and then noticed that the floor was tilting at an alarming angle… I’ll let him tell you the rest :O)

    Love, Da

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