Pictures, only read the post first, then look at these

Hosts in Beijing

My hosts in Beijing, Mr. Sun and Mrs Li. (they are married, but in China you keep your last name when you are married)

My room1

My room

My Room2

My Room from the opposite angle

Qingdao foggy

Qingdao in the evening, foggy as usual


A street of Qingdao.

Temple on Fu Mountain

This is a temple or something on Fu Mountain, right behind my dormitory. I’m actually not really sure what it is, since I can’t read all of the characters, but it is private anyway. I’ll find out before I leave.


Magpies are everywhere in Qingdao, and I love it. My favorite birds are magpies, crows, and ravens, though I’m partial to chickadees as well. I think they are the local city bird, kind of like starlings in the US. I love watching them and they have an interesting call

Fu Mountain covered in mist

Here is a nice view of part of Fu Mountain. I believe this is looking north northeast, with the sea roughly at my back and right.

Fu Mountain path

Another Shot of Fu Mountain, this time it is a pic. of one of the many paths that traverses it’s rock and leafy slopes. I have no idea who made the paths, probably just all the people who walk up it. It is nothing like the parks in America, there are no rangers, no rules and no one to tell you not to do something stupid (and no one to sue if you do).

Ningdu Road Fruit Stand

Here is the fruit stand where I regularly buy my fresh fruit. I mostly just buy bananas because they are easy to peel (you can’t eat the skins of anything you buy off the street, you don’t know where its been). This is on NingDu road, the same road my dormitory is on and classrooms are on.


Some beautiful roses I found growing on a fence in the univerisity.

Shell market

A seashell shop underneigth the road near the seashore (meaning underground shops). There are many amazingly beautiful seashells for sale, extremely cheep too compared to American prices. Most of them come from South China, as my friend tells me. As far as I know none of them come from Qingdao.

View of Qingdao

Just a view of a small part of Qingdao from one of the may seaside walkways.

Seaside view

This is the seashore where we had our cookout on Friday (read about it in my post below). This picture is looking northeast.

Me at the Beach

Yeah! This is me if you haven’t figured it out yet. This is also Friday and it is Wang Chen, my Chinese tutor, who is taking the picture.

Cooking supper

This is cooking dinner on Friday at the beach. Believe it or not, this tiny cooker fed about 50 hungry students (over a long period of time mind you).

Rocks and waves

Some wonderful rocks and waves, this is directly south of QU campus. The rocks go for about a miles or so north before you start hitting beaches.

Watch out, bug

Watch out, if you don’t like bugs don’t continue, or at least skip this one. I discovered a very fascinating species of arthropod that lives among the rocks by the sea in Qingdao. It looks rather like a roach or a rolly polly, but it is an arthropod (too many legs for an insect). The scamper around on the rocks and eat refuse I suppose. They can also go in water, but I got the impression that they preferred to stay dry if they could. I will probably catch one before I leave and see if I can preserve it. Not an insect, but I have a tarantula in my insect collection, so I think I can add a little seacockroach arthropod too.

drying crabs

A drying catch of crabs I spotted as I was walking.


A beautiful anemone I spotted in one of the many rock pools along the shore. The sparkles are just the flash of my camera, FYI.

Bugs on rocks

Here are the afore mentioned arthropods. As you can see, they enjoy sitting around on rocks. And yes, there are lots of them, everywhere.

View of the sea

More rocks and sea, beautiful.

Chinese fishermen

Chinese fishermen. There were others with fishing poles, but these guys have nets, I’m not sure what they are after.


There’s something there, can you see it?


Hongmei, my friend, and her husband. This is Saturday afternoon when they took me out.

More seashore

More beach, yeah.


ever heard of all the wedding pictures that get taken by the seaside in China? It is the most popular place to have your wedding pictures taken, and since Qingdao is virtually the cleanest city in China, here they come. We saw about five wedding parties in the space of about an hour (when I was out with Hongmei)


Lunch, doesn’t it look good? Here at this restaurant, you pick out your own live food, then they cook it for you. This is so that what you eat is fresh. I think I like them better alive in the pan then dead on my plate.


“There is no way you are ever going to catch me, I will quickly dart away in to the darkness and safty of the nearest, HEY……rats….now I’m dinner. But perhaps if I disgust the people enough with my squirming squishy movements, they will be too disgusted to eat me.” Well it worked all right against me, but I think the Chinese are immune to his squishy schemes. Anyone care for fresh octopus?

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  1. Dad says:

    We all love your pictures, and the long, chatty posts are just what we need to get a better feel for your life in China. I think my biggest surprise has been that if I were in China right now, not speaking one speck of Chinese, I would still feel safe and be able to make my way around. Honestly, I can’t say that about the U.S., at least in certain places. Do you agree?

    One more request– describe the ickiest thing you have eaten so far (Serena asked me to ask this … `-)

    Love, Dad

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